Never worry about remembering keys, accessing your home remotely, or forgetting your PIN code again! Smart Access Control offers a flexible range of options that will work for any multi-tenant building or commercial office. With a simple mobile app, you will have access to a plethora of security features. You can use NFC, Bluetooth, QR Codes, or RF Cards to access your building and lock/unlock your door or common areas.

Types of Access Controls

  • Remote Access via App

    Quickly, securely and remotely access your front door or any room in your building anytime you want-with a dedicated mobile app. Featuring a sleek and intuitive UI, it is your perfect solution no matter where you are. If your building has a vestibule area, you can unlock one or both door when a visitor rings your apartment.

  • Bluetooth

    Bluetooth access lets you control your front door or any room from close proximity, so you can say goodbye to lost keys, theft, and time-consuming lockouts. With BLE(Bluetooth Low Energy), application data is sent and received using high encryption between devices. By simply shaking your phone when you are in close proximity, you can unlock the door to enter.

  • RF Cards and Fob Keys

    Unlocking doors has never been easier. Fob keys are a very traditional trend in security, simply swipe a fob key card to unlock your door or take a picture of the visitor to identify them. Our reader are compatible with 13.56 MHz and 125 kHz cards. Both are close range, the vast majority of the readers works up to 4”. No more keys, no more getting locked out, and no more keyholes!

  • Near Field communication Chip (NFC)

    NFC Access Control is a mobile feature for Android devices. It's the perfect solution for anyone who has trouble remembering their keys or carrying a physical card. With NFC (Near Field Communication) access control, you can enter your building or facility effortlessly, without the hassle of waiting in line, pulling out your wallet, or looking for your key. Simply tap your phone on the door and you're in!

  • QR Codes

    Virtual Keys are the solution to managing visitors and scheduling arrivals. The app allows tenants to schedule visitors arrival and then receive a QR code that they can use to unlock any physical door. This way, you never have to worry about whether your visitor came or went, and you can schedule future visits instead of having to rely on the unavailability of strangers. The system will take a picture and residents can view it on the app logs. It's a virtual key for your real life!

  • PIN Codes

    Pin Code Access Control is a hardware lock that will work with any building door, and can be used to control who has access to your building. The locking system is simple and effective, and by using a code system with 4, 6, or 8 digits long, you can uniquely identify who has access to your building. All you need to do is enter the PIN code access number from the keypad on the door.

  • Touch Tone (DTMF)

    We all forget to schedule visitors or provide temporary keys sometimes. That's why our intercom systems can unlock using touch tones as the perfect phone-based solution for your building. With a simple touch tone code, you can open your building entrance door from your cell phone. When a visitor or delivery rings your apartment, the intercom will place a call to your home phone or cell phone so that you can unlock the door even when you are not home. Contact us today for a quick quote!

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