Who do you contact at the USP to inspect and lock the mailboxes after installation?

You will need to contact the local post office and speak with the post master general. At that time, they will coordinate with the inspector to approve the boxes and install the arrow lock.

Can I replace my intercom unit with any brand and model?

No. Specific brands and systems will require its own parts and compatible intercom units. Please send us a picture of your current intercom unit and we can point you in the right direction.

For a hardwired system, what happens if the tenants does not provide access to the apartment during the installation window?

Normally we are able to bypass that apartment and continue to provide intercom service to the rest of the building. We would return at a later day to access those apartments and complete the installation.

What are the typical requirements when installing a new mailbox?

The installation of proper equipment is required for the provision of delivery service. The type of equipment must be approved by the Postal Service manufacturer requirement and must be appropriate for the structure. Customers should discuss the types of approved equipment permitted for their structures with their postmaster before purchasing and installing delivery equipment.

How can I see the Video Surveillance feed from my smartphone?

If your recorder is newer than 2016 then the answer is probably yes. Depending on the recorder type and if your building has an internet connection, the DVR can be setup so that tenants or property manager can see the camera feed from any smart phone.

How do App-based Smart Intercom work?

When visitors arrive to a building with a Smart App-based Intercom, they will be able to search for the apartment unit through the building directory. Once the tenant’s name is selected the intercom panel will place a video call to the resident’s app. Residents will be able to see who is at the door and “buzz” them in while the system takes a picture of the visitor. All picture records are kept for 30 days.

User Guides

Aiphone GT 1C7 User Guide
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Aiphone GT 1M3 User Guide
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Aiphone GT-1D Audio Only User Guide
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Akuvox C313 Quick Guide
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Akuvox SmartPlus App Quick Guide
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