The fast approaching holiday season is one of the busiest times for mail, and that means an increase in the amount of packages that go through the United States Postal Service, and the numbers aren’t slowing down anytime soon. This means that apartment mailbox systems are a great way to handle the increase in mail delivery and help apartment renters feel more secure knowing that their mail will arrive in a timely manner. 

Choosing the best mailbox system for your apartment complex starts with creating a strategy. First, decide how much space you have available in your building. If there is not enough room for a dedicated mail or package room, you may want to consider a smaller outdoor locker instead. Aesthetics are also important, so you might want to opt for a heavy-duty mailbox that blends in with your complex’s design.

The four most popular types of commercial mailboxes for apartment complexes are: Vertical Mailboxes, Cluster Box Units, Freestanding Mailboxes and Package Lockers. A brief description of each one follows.

Vertical Style Mailboxes

Vertical style mailboxes are typically used in smaller property apartment complexes. They are available in surface-mounted and recessed models, and can be installed indoors and outdoors.  If security is an important concern, vertical style mailboxes are a great choice. There are two primary manufactures of commercial vertical mailboxes, Florence and Salsbury. The mailboxes are available in 3,4,5,6 and 7 door styles and are all aluminum and come with locks and keys.

The USPS has updated its regulations for mailboxes for apartment buildings to ensure they meet the latest requirements. If your mailboxes do not meet these requirements, you may face fines. 

Cluster Box Units (CBUs)

Cluster mailbox units are a convenient option for mail delivery in apartment complexes. These units are a pedestal-mounted structure with a series of individual mailboxes. These mailboxes are recommended by the United States Postal Service because they are more efficient and easier to manage. They are also highly secure, making them an ideal solution for apartment communities.

Cluster mailboxes are often equipped with a parcel locker, so residents can easily retrieve their personal mail. These mailboxes also feature a unique key that each tenant can use to access a parcel. When a tenant accesses their mail, the key remains in the parcel locker until the next delivery.

Mail can be delivered to cluster mailboxes in just a few minutes. When a postal carrier arrives, the entire front panel opens and mail can be inserted in the individual compartments. The front panel is then closed.

Cluster mailboxes are available in six styles and sizes. You can choose from 16, 13, 12, 8 and 4 tenant doors and available colors include: Sandstone (Standard Color), Black, Dark Bronze, Postal Grey, Forest Green and White. Cluster mailboxes are USPS Approved and each CBU includes a parcel locker equipped with a USPS lock and an outgoing mail compartment door with slot. You can even accessorize cluster mailboxes by adding stylish caps and pedestal covers.

Freestanding Mailboxes

Freestanding mailboxes can be aesthetically pleasing, and the perfect addition to apartment complexes. They are available in a variety of colors and can be customized for each tenant. Many are also available with parcel lockers. These allow tenants to retrieve their packages when they are delivered, and the mail is stored securely. They also feature anti-fish combs and cam locks to protect outgoing mail from tampering. You may also want to consider electronic mailboxes. These are designed specifically for apartment complexes, condominiums, and business parks. They come with adjustable floor supports and are built from 18-gauge steel. They also feature baked powder coat finishes. You can choose from models that include an RFID reader and fingerprint access.

Package Lockers

The rise of online shopping has resulted in a large number of packages arriving at apartment complexes. As a result, apartment facility staff often struggle to keep up with the deliveries. Package lockers offer residents peace of mind by providing a secure location to store packages. The lockers also protect packages from theft, mishandling, and misplacement.

Many apartment complexes do not have a full-time mail person to oversee package deliveries. Providing package lockers in an apartment complex will eliminate this issue and provide residents with much-needed convenience. In addition to offering a convenient and secure package storage solution, package lockers help residential buildings increase their property value and attract new residents. However, not all lockers come with a surveillance camera, which is essential for security and safety. Hence, choosing a vendor that offers 24-hour surveillance is crucial.

How We Can Help

Academy Intercom & Mailbox company has worked with hundreds of apartment complexes to select the right commercial mailboxes to fit their needs, whether expanding existing mailbox installations, replacing commercial mailboxes or building out and expanding open space, we have you covered. Let us assist you with commercial mailboxes configuration, purchase, installation and on-going support.

Please contact Academy @ 1 (212) 539-1000 by phone or click here to visit our mailboxes page and scroll down the page and fill out the Quote Request Form so we may further assist – we look forward to working with you on your next commercial mailbox project.

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