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Many colleges and universities are experiencing increased enrollment year over year and as a result are looking for streamlined ways in which to add additional mailboxes to serve their student population and increase their mail delivery capacity.  Adding to their existing mailboxes is not a trivial undertaking and it is therefore important as a first step to understand the various commercial mailbox options available.  The university and college mailbox commercial mailbox procurement staff should familiarize themselves with three main types of commercial mailboxes prior to making their expansion decision; these are: horizontal mailboxes, 4C front-loading mailboxes, and Cluster Box Unit (CBU) mailboxes. The following is a brief summary of each.

Horizontal Mailboxes
One of the most popular and frequently used commercial mailboxes at colleges and universities are standard horizontal mailboxes designed for the mailroom.  A favorite of University housing managers is an indoor solution that helps keep your mail area organized. They are manufactured by Florence Corporation and are available in front-loading (Florence horizontal mailboxes – 1600 series) or rear-loading (Florence horizontal mailboxes – 1700 series) units. Each mailbox module contains many compartments fitted to a compact space. Since these are private delivery mailboxes, they are not constrained by postal installation regulations and therefore have no minimum or maximum mounting height requirements. These horizontal commercial mailboxes come in many configurations and possible layouts and combinations. They come  in three widths: four, eight, and twelve inches and in two heights: five inches and ten and three/eighths inches. In the smallest size (the A Door size of four inches wide by five inches high), these horizontal mailboxes can contain up to sixty individual student mailboxes per unit.  In the largest size, (the F Door size of twelve inches wide by ten and three-eighths inches high), these horizontal commercial mailboxes can hold up to eight units.  It is possible to special order different combo-sized units to meet special layout and spacing requirements.  These private distribution horizontal mailboxes manufactured by Florence Corporation also include optional features such as trim kits and engraving for personalizing each college or university mailbox.

4C Front-Load Mailboxes
Another type of mailbox available for college and university dormitory mailroom applications are the 4C front-load commercial mailboxes. Similar to the horizontal mailboxes, these 4C commercial mailboxes also come in a large selection of configurations.  For indoor applications, such as a dormitory or near a mailroom, the most common way to install the 4C modules is into a wall. Installation is accomplished by using a Multi-Unit Connector Kit (MUCK) for each specified module. The MUCK eliminates the need for studs and pulls the units together tightly, reducing any potential gaps between modules. The mailboxes are available in a variety of colors and sizes and come with a private master lock. Optional features include mixed tenant and parcel door sizes, slots in doors, and door engraving; which makes these mailboxes ideal for use as dormitory mailboxes.  If you’re needing to expand your outdoor mail center then consider using 4C mailboxes that are mounted in a cabinet, these mailboxes are known as 4C depot cabinet mailboxes and are available in all of the same configurations and all of the same options as the 4C front-load mailboxes but the mailbox is sits inside a sturdy cabinet.

Cluster Mailboxes
An up and coming trend for college, university, and campus mailboxes is the all-purpose cluster box unit mailbox (CBU mailboxes) that can be mounted anywhere outdoors.  Cluster box unit commercial mailboxes are available in four, eight, twelve, thirteen, and 16 doors per unit sizes.  These mailboxes may be used to distribute private mail to dormitories and on-campus in a designated outdoor space / location or they can also be used for United States Postal Service (USPS) approved mail delivery.  These cluster mailboxes are able to be accessorized with different styles of crown caps and pillars thereby enhancing their appeal and attractiveness.

Now that you have information on the types of commercial mailboxes that can be used for colleges and universities, here are some tips on how to address university mail and mail sorting and processing.

Address Conventions
Address conventions for commercial mailboxes at universities differ from those of most businesses. When mailing mail to a university, it is important to follow certain conventions to ensure that your mail is delivered on time. Generally, the “destination address” must be placed at least one inch from the edge of the envelope. Moreover, the bottom line of the address should be at least 5/8 inches from the bottom edge of the envelope, and the entire address should be at least two-and-a-half inches tall. In addition, it is a good idea to use all upper-case letters rather than lower-case ones.

Mail Sorting and Mail Stop Codes
University Mail Services sort over a thousand pieces of mail each day. Mail is sorted by building or room number and Mail Stop Codes. Mail that doesn’t include a Mail Stop Code will be put aside for letter research, resulting in a delay in delivery. Messages with proper addresses and the proper Mail Stop Codes are usually delivered on the same business day. There are some exceptions to this rule.

How We Can Help

Academy Intercom & Mailbox company have many years of expertise in working with colleges and universities to select the right commercial mailboxes to fit their needs, whether expanding existing mailbox installations or build out of mailboxes to fit a new space. Once your design is complete we will then assist with the purchase, installation and on-going support. Please contact us @ 1 (212) 539-1000 by phone or click here to contact us via our sales inquiry form – we look forward to hearing from you soon!

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