Managing your video surveillance system is one of the most important steps for your security efforts. Effective management relies on policies, workflows, and best practices, all of which affect the video surveillance system’s effectiveness. These include remote management and cloud storage, which can help maintain a safe and secure environment. In addition to around the clock monitoring, video surveillance management can keep your company secure even when you’re not there.  

The camera, which is a key component of a video surveillance system has significantly evolved technologically. Some of the advanced capabilities available in a video surveillance camera include facial recognition, artificial intelligence, ultra-high resolution capability and PTZ functionality. This article will explain these camera technologies in a bit of detail to help you familiarize yourself with the options when it comes time to choose the right video surveillance system.

Cameras with facial recognition
If you want to keep a close eye on your property, you should get a video surveillance camera that has facial recognition capabilities. These cameras can detect human faces and will send alerts to mobile devices and computers when it detects a friendly face. These cameras also store biometric templates on-site, which is very helpful for security.  Cameras with facial recognition are also capable of identifying license plates and may even have heat map recording mode. While many people fear the use of facial recognition, some people who don’t want their personal information shared with the police should reconsider this technology as it promotes safety, security and identity practices.

Cameras with artificial intelligence
Artificial Intelligence (AI) can help video surveillance systems identify suspicious activity and determine the best response. AI can also process video data and perform powerful query (search) features. The AI technology is still in its early stages, but it has great potential in video surveillance systems. It can save you time and resources by reducing the need for manual search.

With the increasing availability of AI in cameras, surveillance systems can now be more effective than ever. Cameras with embedded AI engines enable rich functionality and unparalleled flexibility. Software developers can tailor AI applications to meet their needs. These cameras are also compatible with application partners’ applications, which enables users to build and customize applications.

Cameras with ultra-high resolution
Ultra-high-resolution video surveillance cameras have a resolution of more than eight million pixels. These cameras provide a clearer picture than standard-definition analog cameras; however, they cost more money and take up more space. If you’re looking for the ultimate in protection, you should consider investing in a security camera with this resolution.

Cameras with ultra-high resolution can record video with twice the resolution of standard HD TVs. These high-resolution cameras are also available in a range of resolutions. The 4K label on a surveillance camera means it records video at twelve megapixels, which is nearly double what you can get on a modern HD television. By comparison, an older iPhone camera has eight megapixels.

Cameras with PTZ
PTZ cameras are pan, tilt and zoom robotic video cameras that allow for control of a camera by an operator remotely. PTZ cameras can pan horizontally, tilt vertically and zoom in on a subject to enhance the image quality without digital pixelation.  While there are advantages to cameras with PTZ, they do come with some drawbacks. For instance, the installation is rather involved and may take more time than an non-PTZ camera. In addition, mistakes during the installation process may compromise their functionality. In order to avoid these problems, you should be careful when installing cameras with PTZ.

PTZ cameras can be configured with an auto-pilot mode to scan a predefined area automatically. They can also be programmed to pan, tilt, or zoom every 30 seconds. Conventional PTZ cameras can also be manually adjusted to track suspicious activity. They also offer remote control and can be used both indoor and outdoor.

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